Introducing our smartest — ARC

Built on the ever-inclusive AMR platform, ARC (Autonomous Robotic Carrier) can navigate through complicated routes safely and effortlessly. ARC loves to help people reduce their efforts and of course, their ‘tensions’ too. Go on, browse through our ARC lineup to get an idea about which one fits into your requirement.


Easily steers through dense


Smoothly moves heavy material
between complex routes


Fully equipped for
deployment in Industry 4.0

Peeking Inside the ARC

Divided into three units, ARC’s construction can be explained as easily as it functions.

Move your
ARC your way

ARC can move the way you want! Just devise routes as per your space and industry and set the perfect material movement system in no time.
Your space, your rules! Easily add no-go zones using ARC’s user-friendly interface and restrict its movement as per your demand.

An ARC for every need

ARC has a lot to offer to this sector. Be it serving food or picking up used laundry , used plates, even carrying luggage from lobby to rooms and back, ARC fits in easily in the hospitality industry.
Isn’t UV cleaning of a hospital necessary and hazardous at the same time? This is where ARC can be of great service. Similarly, in other hazardous environments or for moving sensitive items, ARC proves to be a perfectly safe option.
Tyre, Steel, Automotive, Bottling. Name a Manufacturing Plant, and ARC is sure to help in some way. Carrying loads on directed pathways to dealing with harmful material movement, ARC smoothens the process in the quickest possible way.

Meet the Team

Pratheesh Prakash

Managing Director, Head R&D

His 14 years of experience in Product Development and Robotics includes a stint at IIT Mumbai. Tech powerhouse of the team, Pratheesh enjoys developing innovative products from drones to even wearables. Wait, it’s time to check what he’s up to next!

Arun Joy

Director, Head Marketing

Solving problems and developing interesting concepts is one of Arun’s strengths. An idea wizard, Arun heads Marketing and Strategy at Robo Inventions. Oh, and his ever-smiling face surely spreads a lot of Joy.

Puneet Melwani

Executive Director

After spending a decade working in the field of Tech and hardcore Robotics, Puneet took his ultimate leap with Robo Inventions. With heading the Business Operations and Manufacturing, Puneet also turns heads at pitches and Robotics Conferences.

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